Family Retreat

Why do I believe you and your family should come on this trip?

I believe that this retreat will strengthen your family spiritually in a way that normally wouldn’t happen. Through two sermons, family devotion time, and team building activities, this trip will allow your family to build upon a Christ-centered foundation and will force your family to work together in ways you wouldn’t expect. Through the different team building activities, your family will have the opportunity to use the 5 finger promise like we do at our Growing Family afternoons. Five Finger Promise: Be positive, don’t point the blame, don’t say rude things, be committed to your family, and don’t leave the little guy out!

What activities are we doing?

The activities will be team building activities that everyone will be able to do. You don’t have to be super athletic to do any of them and you don’t have to be super smart to do them either. You just have to love your family and be ready to communicate and work together. I can’t tell you what the activities are because then it would ruin the surprise and activity.

How old do your kids have to be to join us?

The great thing about this retreat is that the actives we do can be done with children of all ages. The retreat is for any family with kids-teens (18 and under). If you feel comfortable bringing your young ones out please do! The difficulty of the activities we do will depend on your family’s ability to communicate well and encourage one another.

What if my whole family can’t go is part of my family still allowed to come?

Yes! If your whole family can’t make it, I would love for you to still come out with whomever can! You can still participate and do all the activities.

What time does my family need to be at Cup of Cold Water?

Please be at Cup of Cold Water at 6:00 pm and eat dinner before you come!

Where will we sleep?

You have a couple different options for your family. 1) Families can sleep in the tents together, 2) Outside in hammocks, or 3) guys can sleep downstairs in the main cabin and girls can sleep upstairs in the main cabin. Sleeping bags would be good to bring!

What will we eat?

Snacks and water will be provided for you on Friday night and breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday.

What should we bring?





Clothes to get dirty in

Sleeping bag/pillow

Tent (If your family wants)

An encouraging attitude

What not to bring?

Ipod, MP3 Player, etc


Drugs, Alcohol, or tobacco products

Weapons, knives, etc.


When signing up please only select 1 family member to ensure the cost is only $50 also download and complete PERMISSION FORM.