At Grace, we believe that Scripture is all-sufficient and authoritative.  Our weekly gatherings include expository teaching that includes both walk-through-the-Bible and topical messages.  We spend one month walking through a couple of chapters of a book of the Bible and then the next month on a topic.  On the month after a topic-based series, we pick up where we left off previously in our walk-through-the-Bible.  This allows us to ensure context and coverage of topics that we may not naturally choose, while at the same time providing a platform to focus on the topics that are most pressing for our faith community at the time.  We primarily use the English Standard Version of Scripture, but value many translations.

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Grace is a growing church with a unique vision. Learn more about our mission, vision, history, beliefs and staff on this page and by attending our Discover Grace class offered periodically throughout the year.

We express worship to God through music using a band with modern arrangements of current and classic songs.  We also worship God through Scripture by providing messages that are both topical and walk-through-the Bible.  The messages provide relevant teaching for life today.  You will also find through our worship services the opportunity to establish meaningful friendships with your community. You can plan on our services lasting a little over an hour.


We know that it can be intimidating visiting a new place. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you feel comfortable when you visit.

Location & Events

Where is Grace located?

Grace Bible Church is located approximately 4 miles west of Routes 52 & 59 in Minooka, Illinois.

748 Jones Rd, Minooka, IL 60447 | 815-467-2100

How can I learn about upcoming events?

Website Events Calendar [Coming soon!]
Our Weekly Enote
  • An email communication that goes out weekly.
  • You can sign up in the left hand column | orange bar.
Weekly Sunday handout


When are services?

Our service is at 9:30am on Sunday.

You can plan on the service lasting a little over an hour.

What are services like?

Services include meaningful worship, relevant teaching for life today, and an opportunity to establish meaningful friendship with your community. You can plan on our services lasting a little over an hour.

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving 10 minutes before the service start time to find parking and grab a cup of coffee.

Childcare and children’s programming is provided during the AM service. Arrive about 9:15 to check your child(ren) into the children’s program.

Kid Stuff

Are there programs for my kids?

Yes, during the 9:30am service, Children’s programming is available for children birth through 4th grade. Stop by LaunchPoint, located in the small building at Grace.

Will my kids be safe?

Yes! Your child’s safety is very important to us. We have policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your kids.

Please inform a children’s ministry worker of any allergies or specific needs your child may have when you arrive at LaunchPoint.